The PC cleaner you choose must be capable of completing these advanced tasks, though. For those who have trouble finding an effective cleaner, we recommend CleanMyPC. Errors such as the one under discussion may also be caused by viruses and bugs in corrupted files. If you haven’t deep cleaned your computer in a long time, then decluttering your PC using a reputable PC cleaner can resolve the issue. Let the driver to install and then check the functionality.

As an example, we will head to Lenovo’s page and click on PC to find our specific model. The Classic version is designed for continuous, two-way communication, whereas BLE transfers smaller packets of data over shorter periods. Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless, low-power personal area network that runs in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, which is the same spectrum as the iPhone and iPad. Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the most extensively used low-power communication technologies.

Why Driversol Drivers has my Bluetooth driver disappeared?

This tiny controller adds all the devices you want to connect via Bluetooth, so they can be detected and installed quickly. Bluetooth Driver offers an additional connection option for your device to link with others. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Bluetooth remains a good connectivity capability to keep on your device. What keeps Bluetooth Driver relevant is that there are devices that only communicate through this protocol.

  • Windows 10 lets you add quite a few different kinds of devices to your computer.
  • To find it, click on the Start menu and then search for “Bluetooth”.
  • Open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously.
  • Work your way down the list until your problem is solved.

Right-click the Bluetooth adapter on the Bluetooth hardware list. In the Device Manager, locate the Bluetooth entry and expand the Bluetooth hardware list. Some laptop keyboards may have a function key with a secondary function to enable or disable Bluetooth.

USB Software Update: Download the update on a USB stick and use the USB interface of your BMW for installation.

Hi Sagar, Thanks for taking out time to read the blog and really appreciate your feedback. You can read more about these on our how to fix bluetooth audio delay article. Use the Device Manager to uninstall your Bluetooth Driver. Right-click on the Start menu and select Device Manager. Bluetooth adapter in order to support this functionality. This is where you can view general information about your device.

First, you should rule out the most common causes of AirPods having no sound. If the problem persists, then you can try tackling the more complicated technical issues. There are several common culprits behind this issue of your AirPods not playing sound on PC. Possible causes include low battery levels, outdated firmware, and device cleanliness. Don’t worry because we have the answers you need right here. We explain the possible reasons why this might happen and provide solutions to help you.